A Misty Morn in the Garden

Hello everyone,
    I hope all is well with you after Hurricane Irene passed through-here we escaped with only a windy day and some rain but I know some of you were hit harder but maybe not as hard as anticipated.
  One morning late last week we arose to a very misty morn so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots around the garden. I loved the look of the angel above with the mist around giving a mystical look.

The roses look so pretty in the mist.
I will let you wander around the garden -enjoy the soft mystical  look as you go.

 We have seven of our grandchildren here for a couple of days so we are enjoying the sound of giggles and happy excited little voices in our home once again.
 We are supposed to have beautiful weather here all week so we will happily take it!

I am joining Cielo for show off your cottage Monday at the house in the roses.

Thank you for visiting me,



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