Beautiful Old Quebec

Hello everyone,
    As many of you know we were away last week and on our drive from the Island to Montreal we stopped in Quebec City for a couple of nights. We have been there before a couple of times and always love it-it has so much charm and history.

So come for a walk with me through this beautiful city.

I loved all the beautiful planters and window boxes throughout the city but this place really had my attention with the rows of corn along the top and the veggies in the windowboxes.

I love how the very impressive Chateau Frontenac towers above these quaint shops.Cobblestone streets and old stone buildings with lots of greenery-what could be more charming?

We took a guided tour of the Chateau Frontenac- it is so beautiful. This is the lobby.

A Christmas store-so many lights!

Beautiful in the evenings too with all the lights and musicians playing in the streets.

Don't you think it is a very beautiful and romantic city. I am looking forward to going back again sometime soon!

Have a lovely day!


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