Looking Ahead to the Spring Garden

Hello everyone,
     Well, we had a winter storm last night and some people here on the Island lost their power but we weren't one of them. I was thinking it was time I shared some garden photos or my little blog will lose it's garden status! 
I don't have a foal in our garden but we do have lots of birds,butterflies and some regular visits from Mr. Fox. Some of you have asked in the past if we have deer in our garden and the answer is no-there are no deer on the Island.
The bottom left pic snuck in there it is a july photos,not spring.

Orange is not a color I like in our garden except in spring.

Love Lilacs!

We have over forty lilacs bushes in our garden however,some are still quite young.

I hope you enjoyed looking ahead to spring but for now enjoy winter!

I am joining Show off Your Cottage Monday at the house in the roses today.

Have a good evening,


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