Tablecloth Window Panels

I wish Target and other home decor stores would stock more 96" window panels rather than with 84" panels.
Even though our second floor ceilings are only 8 feet tall - 
the 84 inch panels can't give me the look I like.

Which is - hung high and 'puddling' on the floor.
So I searched other sections of the store for the length of fabric I wanted.
I was lucky enough to find oblong tablecloths that were 60" wide by 104" long. For $16.99 each - that was a good deal. I just folded the cloths in half length wise and then folded the top down for a little ruffle. Using the existing white sheers on the inside, I clipped them to overlap with the solid grey panels.
I avoid having to use a double rod this way.
I draped a garland over the center to break up all the white and to add a little faux-natural element to the room
I got the look I wanted without searching all over town - just all over Target.
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