and so it begins.......

my orange juice would be happier in this.
the perfect small size couch.
via emmas

like the wire frame lamp. am buying a similar one this weekend to spray paint orange or green. one of our antique finds.

a dish rack mounted on the wall is a very clever idea. where can I find this?
via sasa antic

: : bare with me, I've only waited a lifetime to be able to decorate my own place!! and the point of this blog has always been to archive things I like. I might have been able to afford some of the things before, but I didn't have a place to put them. now I do!

and so, it begins.....

as a matter of fact, Iz has been the king of furniture shopping and decorating ideas this week. for one more week it is his full time job. and he seems to be lovin' it!


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