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: : I just went through the entire color guide on domino magazine's website. I'm mainly trying to figure out a color for the bedroom. that seems like the most important color to me. the others I can go bold with, but the bedroom I want to have a calmness to, with maybe some color pops here and there.

I, of course, love this orange, especially paired with the beige. I could see something like this in the living room. maybe with a long stark white shelf running along the top edge of the beige. with frames, prints and paintings on top.
I love this really pale green. almost like celery. paired with the white molding. this might be suitable for the bedroom.
I am completely in love with this kelly green color. and so fresh with the stark white contrast. love it!! you guys see my problem yet? I love too many of these colors, I don't know how I will pick. maybe this for the kitchen or dining room.

I also like these two last greens. they might work for the bedroom.


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