Bird Watching!

The last few days I have been trying to improve my photography skills by taking some shots of the birds in our garden. I find taking photos of these little guys hard to do as they move so quickly if they see any movement etc. and I am not used to using my zoom lens yet so practice,practice and more practice!

The bluejays are so pretty and fun to watch. Last year my bird photos were blurry so I am pleased to see that these are better. I read some good tips on Robins Nesting Place and enjoyed seeing the beautiful bird photos that she took.

A few days ago there were dozens of robins here in our garden. That has never happened here before in January. We count it as the first sign of spring here when we see the robins bopping around the garden! What would a bird feeder be without a squirrel?

This is my favorite bluejay shot!

It is Mosaic Monday so there will be lots to see at Mary's Little Red House again.
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