Sh! Please do not Disturb

Please come quietly in,

There is a beautiful fox sleeping on my doorstep!

Ophs! I think he heard us but he is not afraid so that is good.

This fox stayed on our veranda for a couple of hours yesterday while it was raining-wasn't he the sly fox!

Now while you are here I will show you this very old needlepoint pillow I found in an antique shop-it was in need of a new back,stuffing and trim and so I spruced it up. I only paid $5 for it.I love to find handmade treasures.

I also found this pretty chintz teacup at Coulson's in Summerside. I had one the same years ago but I accidently broke the cup so I was happy to replace it.

Now that you are here can we share a cup of tea before you go?

The fox is gone now so you can make as much noise as you like-hopefully some happy sounds!

Take care,


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