Mushroom picking +Sweet Paul

: : mushroom picking is a big "sport" in my family. I say sport because it's about competition. Each family has their own "secret" mushroom picking place in the woods surrounding our Swedish summerhouse. Mushroom picking is something I associate with late summer in Sweden. On rainy days when the weather doesn't allow us to sun tan on the dock or take the kayak out, we head to the woods looking for "gold". Gold to us is chantarelles (kantareller). It's our favorite mushroom, lightly seared in some butter and salt on a piece of bread it's the perfect evening snack. The photo at the top is proof of what a great mushroom year it was this year! And my parents picked another heap of mushrooms just this past weekend.

.Sweet Paul. has a fall issue out (2nd issue) of their new online magazine. Their recipe for creamy mushroom soup and mushroom risotto (photos above) sound delicious. So, if you haven't tried mushroom picking yet I would recommend you to, but make sure you know which mushrooms to pick and which NOT to pick.

happy hunting!


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