Touring the Island

Hello everyone,
Yesterday was a lovely mostly sunny day here on the Island and my husband and I decided to go for a drive to the western part of our fair Isle. I had varnished our floors the night before and our house was pretty smelly from the varnish fumes so it was a good day to leave the house.
As we started out in the early morning there was mist rising up from the valleys.
This is in our small community.
As we drove along we saw these giant pumpkins grown for the largest pumpkin contest held here every year. These were the winners this year. I wonder how many pumpkin pies you could make with these!
Further along in the village of Hunter River we stopped so I could take a few pics for you.

We travelled back country roads- notice how red our soil is and yes we still have lots of unpaved little roads to explore.

Bagnall's Mill has been restored in Hunter River.
There are lots of beautiful old farm homes along the way.
This beautiful old church and manse are in Grand River.
Old barns appeal to me.
Cattle grazing on the farm.

I love this house in the little village of Tyne Valley-it overlooks the river.
This charming front garden looks like an artists garden. I love the pumpkins decorated for autumn with a mix of fall foliage and hydrangea look so pretty -I may have to copy them.
Andrew enjoying the view of the river in Tyne Valley.
The old train station in Alberton. We had a lovely lunch in a little cafe on main street.
This is just a little sample of what we saw as we took a little tour on our day out. Now, there were lots of beautiful big new homes too but I am usually drawn to the old and sometimes forlorn so that is mainly what I photographed.
We arrived home just before dark and it was such an enjoyable day-I think we should do it more often!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride too!

Enjoy your weekend,


p.s. Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday. I haven't had much computer time the last couple of days so I haven't had a chance to visit but hopefully soon.


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