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Hello everyone,
       I have had a few people ask me about Prince Edward Island lately so I went through some of my old summer pictures. Many of you have seen Anne of Green Gables or Road to Avonlea and wonder if the Island really looks like it does in the movie and so I will share some of my favorite spots in summer.
The little fishing village of Rustico.
I love this home in Knox's Dam. The first photo with the boat is just behind this home.
French River- another fishing village.

Grand River in the western part of the Island.
French River again.
Northport-the western end of the Island.
There are lots of lovely farm homes on the Island
Fort Amherst lighthouse
There are also lots of pretty churches around the Island
another Fort Amherst lighthouse
Lots of beautiful B&B's around the Island also.
Anne of Green Gables house and the church and school are part of Avonlea village -a tourist attraction and I had to show you that we still have some red clay roads  on the Island where you can imagine meeting up with the little red haired Anne driving along the road with Matthew in a horse and buggy!
  If you would like to see inside Green Gables and surrounding area click here.

The lighthouse at Victoria by the sea.
Of course we have miles and miles of lovely beaches.
Victoria- a quaint little village has some lovely old homes and nice shops etc.
Well, the sun is going down so our journey has come to an end for today. I couldn't find some of the pics I was looking for but when I find them I will share them.

 My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan as it is hard to imagine the fear and devastation they are going through.

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