Pretty China!

Hello everyone!
   I hope you are enjoying these early days of spring. I love the longer evenings and the sunnier days we have been getting. Our snow is slowly melting away but we still have quite a bit to go yet.

I love this old china that I have collected pieces of here and there.

I always have to share a little bouquet with you. Did you notice the aqua mason jar- I have finally found a few of them. I have admired them on some of your blogs but they don't turn up here very often it seems.One jar was given to me and the others were $3. each, pretty reasonable for a treasure!

This little bunny has been showing up a lot lately but a real white bunny ran though the garden a couple of days ago. My daughter saw a couple of brown bunnies in her back yard with a fox in pursuit. I hope the bunnies out foxed him somehow!

Well, I was just playing with my dishes and thought you might enjoy them too!

Thank you so much for all your compliments yesterday on our sweet grandbabies.

I would also like to take a minute to thank my  friend Gilda from Italy who did a  feature of my blog today over at her lovely blog Sweet Sweet Home. I am very touched by all her kind words. For any of you looking for balcony or windowbox ideas be sure to check out the previous post she did also- I was amazed! Thank you so much,Gilda.

Take care,


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