Heart of the Home Party - Favorite Cupboards

Hello everyone,
     Today is the day for Shelia's Heart of the Home Party and we are to share our favorite cupboard. I think some of you have already seen this cupboard before but I hope you don't mind another look. This cupboard was built about six years by my husband and a friend of my sons. It is a great place to store my collection of red and white transferware which I have collected over the past several years.

I have opened the doors for a better look.

Some of the dishes are very old like these but others are new.
While we are here I might as well show you my cupboard full of teacups. Some of these were given to me and others are thrift finds.
I hope Shelia doesn't mind me showing a few cupboards as I thought you dish lovers might like to enjoy a peek at these too.This is an old pine cupboard that I painted last year for my pink and white china.

A closer look

One last cupboard- can you tell I love dishes?
Now that I have kept you you might as well have a cup of tea!

Thank you Shelia for hosting another Heart of the Home Party over at Note Songs so we can all enjoy everyones favorite cupboards
Also,I am joining TeaTime Tuesday again at Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage.Thank you Sandi, you know how we all love our tea time!
It is also Show Off your Cottage Monday at Cielo's lovely house in the roses so there is lots for you to check out today!
Have a good day!



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