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Hello everyone,
     Finally we are getting some warm weather that is melting the snow at a faster pace. I was excited to be able to go out and do some clean-up in Martha's garden if any of you remember that is our little enclosed garden that is more sheltered and so it warms up a little earlier.It is such a good feeling to see so many daffodils, tulips etc. starting to grow.
    I haven't had a chance to take new photos lately so I am sharing some of my favorite whites that may or may not have been posted before. The photo above is taken in our little garden cottage which I will soon have cleaned up and be ready to enjoy again for another garden season.

This bouquet is a store bought one but soon I will be able to pick my own from the garden. I do have some crocus blooming but that is all so far.

I love this white teacup with the Lady's Slipper on it . The Lady's Slipper is the flower emblem for Prince Edward Island (my home province).
I took this shot a few weeks ago with my macro lens- I do need more practice with it.

I know I posted this before but hey,I love my cake!
Sunshine in the sunroom.
Two little cousins(our granddaughters) sharing secrets. I am looking forward to those cottage tea parties again.

Lilacs are one of my favorites.
White teas are so elegant,I think.

Well, soon I will have lots of new photos to share but for today it is simply whites.

Thank you to all who have left such lovely comments for me lately and welcome to my new followers.

I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday today.

Take care,



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