For a Nature Loving Teacher...

One of my little boys had a teacher who loves birds, science and nature.
This is what we put together for her as an end of school year gift.

To wrap it up sweet...

A handmade thank you card, ribbon and the birdhouse.
We also included a little bird call whistle.

We attached the card and whistle to the top hook with white ribbon. If you wanted to give a gift card - this is the place to put it. - Just hole punch a tiny hole in each little envelope. Slip the ribbon through and tie a pretty bow.

This birdhouse is so cute because if you are lucky enough to get a little nest in there -

you can peak through a little door around back to see the baby birdies.

It is hard to know what to give a teacher to show all the appreciation they deserve.
In the end - what matters is that you say Thank You.

Thank you to teachers for the patience and dedication you show to our children.


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