Martha's Garden in June

 Hello everyone,
         We had a beautiful sunny warm day today and I enjoyed getting some projects done the last couple of days. This evening I took a few pictures in Martha's Garden as the four Deutiza's are starting to bloom in there.
 The Geurney's Cream clematis is putting on a lovely show over the arbor.
 The white umbrella that I added the lace edge trim to looks pretty and provides some share while relaxing and enjoying the song of the finches that like to build a nest in the Deitiza's.
 There are still lots of lilacs blooming so I picked a big bouquet.
Peeking over the fence.

 The deutiza has such pretty dainty white flowers.
 The white bleeding heart is enjoying a shady spot under the shade of the service berry tree.
 Climbing hydrangea growing up the back of our barn.
My Dad's old bicycle has a bouquet of lilacs too and always has a spot in our garden.

 Has anyone noticed the barn has been painted from green to brown. Andrew and I and a couple of our girls painted it one day last week.
Martha's Garden is a mainly white garden but a few other colors have found their way in.

 This is Martha herself still carrying her jugs of water for the garden!
 We enjoy the sound of water in this little secluded garden  from the wall fountain .
 A different perspective.
I hope you enjoyed a little tour of Martha's Garden.

     Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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