Happy December Weekend

                                                          Happy Weekend!

          Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend with all the joys of the season.

           We had a dusting of snow a few days ago so I took some winter shots . The one above is from a previous winter though but the rest were taken at our home this week.
                              My husband made this birdhouse several years ago.
                           I know I shared pics of this setting (our barn) a couple of weeks ago but the dusting of snow adds more winter interest.
                              I bought the antique men's skates at the 70 mile yard sale .
                                     The north end of our barn and the old jaunting sleigh. too bad we don't have a horse so we could go for horse and sleigh rides!
                                                            Our door way.
                                    The ski's were a recent $2 find.

Our little dusting of snow has melted now and there is rain in the forecast with unseasonally warm temps again. Most people are loving it but I long for a little snow for a more Christmasy/winter look.

Enjoy your weekend!


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