More Touches of Red

                                                            Hello everyone,
                                I am enjoying little touches of red this year so I have been adding it here there and everywhere!
                          These vintage skates were white but I painted them a little coat of paint and filled them with some greenery and berries.The red scarf really adds that pop of color.
 Our pond is freezing over so I am really looking forward to some skating parties coming up soon.

                              I love this red plaid throw. I filled the grey pitcher with greenery and berries and added some burlap.
                         Still love my old coal skuttle from Time Worn Antiques- one of the best little shops in town. I just added the greeney and berries for the season but I am hoping to add some white birch to it also.
                            A friend and I went on a Christmas House Tour last Saturday and we loved this beautifully decorated house. I could only take pics outside though.
     Even the Canada goose got a red ribbon-not to whine but a little touch of snow would make it perfect!

                       Our bedroom had the red and white toile quilt for a short time before it went plaid.

            Red and white transferware is perfect in any season but especially at Christmas.

                   I am off for a day out with my daughters tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.
I am joining The Garden In Malevik for Show-Off Saturday.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend,



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