A Shutter & Candles

Do you shop at the dollar store? I don't...usually. A friend and I were shopping for jeans and near our clothing shop was a dollar store. My friend needed some stickers for one of her little boy's school projects so we went in ~ quickly.
I couldn't pass up these candles...

for $1 each!
I printed out numbers with my Cricut onto chocolate colored vinyl. I had purchased these candle wreaths at an antiques store over the weekend, too. 
I pulled down this shutter and placed it in the center of the table.
Our dining table is so visible from our front entry and the whole first floor. That can be a good thing...and a very bad thing. We use this awesome workbench turned dining table for everything. So most of the time it is covered with homework, projects, food or games.
Here is a better picture of that table...
I love it!
Tonight it is not cluttered up but nicely set with a shutter and candles for a centerpiece.
(a rare moment so I took pictures)


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