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                                                                    Hello everyone,

                   I have been spring cleaning lately,a bit early for some but I need to get the inside done before garden season starts so it is a good time for me to get it done. One of my little spring jobs today was to take down my collection of Friendly Village china which speaks of winter and dig out my vintage  Crown Ducal Florentine (made in England) which speaks of spring and summer.
                 I love these dishes and I was lucky enough to get most of them in one shop for about $40.
                                               I did mix and match just a little once again.

It was a lovely mild day here but mainly cloudy so I didn't have good light for taking my photos but you will get an idea of how they look anyway.

                                 My husband's grandmother had some of these dishes and I always loved them.

                                   I love when a set includes covered veggie bowls too.

                     I had a platter or two before but the rest all came together. Most of my collections of transferware I collected here and there ,one or two pieces at a time usually-which can be fun too if you are patient and as a Mama of seven I think I learned a thing or two about patience!
                                    If you would like to see last spring's blue & white transferware dishes on display in this cupboard you can click here.
        Well, that was the fun part of my spring cleaning chores-after that it was off to my bedroom closets where I always end up being cross at myself for being a' bit' of a hoarder. However, once I get started on weeding things out and donating I feel good about getting it done. Then, for awhile I stay away from the thrift shops but you know what they say"old habits die hard". Is there a support group for people like me??? Maybe we could all swap our stuff! ha!ha!

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