Spring Cheer

                                                               Hello everyone,

                                        I hope you are enjoying some spring cheer in your weekend. I was happy to see some daffodils poking up through the ground today even though our temps are just a little above freezing.It is good to know spring is on the way.
                                     I bought these beautiful Parrot tulips at the grocery store recently and had to take a few photos of them to share with you.
                             I love my new bucket from Time Worn Treasures and Antiques- the tulips look so pretty in it but I have visions of beautiful pink peonies in it too.
                               I love the different shades of rose,green and yellow in these tulips.

             Well, just a little spring cheer for you. We change our clocks ahead tonight to daylight saving time so we will enjoy  longer evenings-great for those evening walks!

  p.s. Patti, the teapot of Janice's that you asked about is a Sadler made in England-good luck in your search.

I am honored that Brenda at Cozy Little House did a lovely feature of my blog today.Thank you , Brenda for all those kind words-I really appreciate them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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