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                                                            Hello everyone,
                  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We are having a nice one here-lots of sunshine!
       I just have some bits and pieces of some photos I took that don't really have a theme but I thought              you might like. The garden is so full of blooms right now that it is hard to resist taking my camera
         with me.
                                                            Lots of beauty!
                                                      Shades of gold.

                                         A Golden Stargazer Oriental lily and Shasta Daisy.
                                                    There is lots of white in the garden now too.
                On a little day trip to New London a few weeks ago I took these shots of the birthplace of                       L.M. Montgromery-author of the famous Anne of Green Gables among other novels.
                                                 Our green and white toile guest room.
                                                                      Soft whites
                                                                and pretty pinks!
Hope you enjoyed some bits and pieces!
          Some of our children and grandchildren are coming shortly for a fun family night
               with pizza, a bonfire and s'mores etc. so our little guest cottages will be filled to the

               Thank you for visiting,


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