Downton Abbey Garden Tea

                                          Welcome to our Downton Abbey Garden Tea!

                       On a beautiful sunny summer day we hosted a Downton Abbey Garden Tea and I thought
         you might want to come along too. So grab a cup of tea and maybe a pretty hat and join us.
                                      First a little look at some back scenes preparations.I picked flowers from the                                          garden and made lots of bouquets.I thought a mainly white theme would be                                             elegant for a Downton Abbey Tea.We have lots of hydrangeas of different                                                varieties in the garden.Sorry,I forgot to take a pic of all the white vases and                                               bouquets sitting on the cupboard.
                             Silver was polished and linens ironed-so thankful for good friends and family who                                  pitched in and helped out with food prep,garden chores,grasscutting,setting up                                        tables,serving,dishwashing,cleanup and getting the food all on the plates.
                               There was lots of baking to do and my daughter Jennifer and friend Janice were                                      both a big help with that while other good friends made sandwiches etc.
My rather large collection of pretty plates and teacups etc. came in handy but one of my
daughter's who spend the afternoon washing them all thought "paper was the new china"!

      My friend Snow spent a few days helping me with setting up tables and all the other little details                         that had to be done beforehand.Even my sister visiting from Vancouver for that week got                         roped into helping.
                           We are almost ready! Phew,things did get a little panicky for awhile.

                                        This lovely group of quilters were among the first to arrive. I love that so many got into the spirit of the day and dressed up for it! I love that parasol hat etc.,Penelope!!!
                           Our guests could tour the gardens and the new boathouse below.Someone asked how                                it was advertised and it was just through my blog and word of mouth.The tickets sold out                               quickly and our limit  this year was 45.
                          Just a little peek at the inside of the boathouse but more coming soon-I promise.

                           The Gardener's Cottage was also on the tour and this charming little girl was a very                                 enthusiastic visitor!

                                                      My friend Janice and I.
                                                        Let the party begin! Two delightful visitors are ready for tea.
                                          My sister on the right and her friend Sharon enjoyed a lovely visit in the                       shade of the willow tree and the sound of the brook behind them.
                             More charming friends having some tea. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day           until the last of the guests were leaving when a thunder shower rolled in.Phew! that was close!!!

                      My friend Jean and her husband enjoyed a shady spot under the vine covered pergola.
                                          Just a small sample of some of the food for our high tea.

We served Lady Baker's Tea that was generously donated to us and it was delicious served hot and also as an iced tea. Thank you so much! The tea is available at our local Farmer's Market or visit her here online .

                                    I made sour cream raspberry coffeecake and sticky date pudding with toffee                                           sauce for dessert.
                                   I love how everyone lingered and enjoyed visiting in the garden.My friend Heather on the right and 3 generations on the left-sweet!
               My friends Heather M and Janice. Janice on the left said  she had a little taste of the 'downstairs' at Downton Abbey but also the 'upstairs' as she responded nicely to a panicky call a couple of hours beforehand to help in the kitchen before having her tea.
                                       Friends enjoying a chat.
                                        Margaret and Barbara enjoying a peek though my book - Aiken House &                                                   Gardens.I hope your daughter enjoys it, Margaret!
Now, I would love to enjoy a cup of tea with a couple of  friends, Linda and Sarah who live too far away to attend but generously sent along a donation for sweet Lucas anyway-thank you so much! Maybe,someday soon we can actually have a real visit over a cup of tea!!!

Thank you so much to all who attended our Downton Abbey Tea and to all who worked so hard behind the scenes. A special thank you to my friend Snow who contributed an unbelievable amount of hours so cheerfully-we couldn't have done it without you all!

We had several requests to make it an annual event but as Snow laughingly said "that is like asking someone after they have just given birth when they are having another baby"! Don't be discouraged though because after my first child I did have 6 more! 

I am joining BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday today and My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

I hope you too enjoyed coming along today!



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