Afternoon Tea in the Conservatory

                                                               Hello everyone,
                                The little conservatory on the back of the boathouse that my husband and son built
                               in the past year is a lovely place to enjoy a little quiet time and a cup of tea.
                                      I have surrounded myself with some garden beauty while enjoying
                               my tea and taking some time to write in my journal.
                                Peeking in through the old french doors with the etched glass.
                                I have a collection of old postcards that my aunt had saved for many years.

                              As the time for tender annuals is almost past here I took some in to enjoy
                             in the conservatory.
                               Love having the plants soaking up the sun in here.
      I am looking forward to more sunny afternoon teas surrounded by some of the garden beauty
                that I enjoy.

                   Guess,I haven't written since the 70 mile yard sale. We had beautiful weather and my friend and                   I covered a lot of territory in our 12 hour day but still didn't get to all the sales. We were both                       happy with our day and the new treasures we found.My biggest purchase was a flat bottomed                        boat for our pond but more on all that later.

                  Thank you for visiting,



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