Spilled Syrup, Beer and Hair...

Mondays bring a surprise almost every week...
Actually - every Monday my kids ask to stay home from school, that's not the surprise. Today - I let them - but we had to sign a "contract" for the things they would accomplish during the day
(reading, flu shots, clean rooms - etc.).
Once that was settled - I dropped the syrup while preparing breakfast and broke the lid. I hate when that happens. I've done that to my new favorite hairspray lids before, too. Bugs!
Nothing will bring ants into the house faster than spilled syrup so I found a way to remedy that issue quick.
I found a beer bottle in the recycle bin and washed it out.
Poured the syrup into it...
and topped it with an oil & vinegar dispenser.
I purchased this cute cork in Utah at
The syrup comes out slow but it works and looks good.
But what wasn't looking good is Mazi's hair (scare hair). Luke could use a haircut there too, but I am not a mom that fights over hair.... 
"Whatever dude - just do you're homework."
Mazi, on the other hand, can not keep dragging old leaves and junk into the house in her shaggy hair. So - after a trip to the groomer - she looks super skinny - I was a little surprised. She is acting nervous, too.  You know how you feel when your hair gets cut too short -
like you walked out the door and forgot to wear a shirt?
I still love you, Mazi - even though you look like a totally different dog without your crazy hair. And since we are talking about crazy hair...today is the first day in months since I've been able to pull my hair back into a 'nubby' pony tail. It's about 1/4 inch long but it fits. I was working on my laundry room today - again...
I'll show you that one another day after I clean it up.
Mazi - I have had a lot of bad hair cuts before - I know how you feel. We'll get you a cute sweater to cover it up (big head/little body). In the mean time - I am glad mine is finally growing.
The kids go back to school tomorrow and the syrup looks much better
in a beer bottle.

Happy Frazzled Monday!
(at least we are laughing - at Mazi's expense - sweet thing)


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