Freehand Paint a House Number on Old Wood

I made a house number yesterday.  I like to make our house number easy to see for the postal workers this time of year.

But sometimes my Cricut or stencils aren't big enough or I just don't want to get out a lot of supplies for something as simple as this.
I start by sketching out the number on a wood piece with pencil.
I pour acrylic paint out on a paper plate.
 Then feather paint the numbers a little at a time to keep them even.
Start on the outside numbers first.
I don't end up staying right in the pencil lines - they are just a guide.
The center number gets painted last.
Once the numbers are the right size and shape then I go back over it to make the paint thicker all around.
It's pretty even....enough.
I was decorating the porch this weekend. Today we have freezing rain.
See the icicles on the lantern?  The tree branches are covered in ice, too.
It's very beautiful, really.


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