Winter White

                                                            Hello everyone,
                    We have settled back home after a short holiday in Quebec City. The weather has                          been wintry here with some snow on the ground but bright and sunny.
                       I just have a few quick shots to share with you today.
                              When we were in Old Quebec we checked out some of the nice little shops
                               and in one we found this large red and white Vista platter by Mason so
                               Andrew bought it for me as a souvenir of our trip. Many of you know I
                               have been collecting transferware dishes for years usually one piece at
                               a time so I was delighted with this find.The soup tureen was a thrift shop
                                find for just a few dollars and they look good together on the center of the
                                kitchen table.
                                    Yesterday,I realized that the old door in the fence at the road hadn't been
                                     dressed for winter yet so I spruced it up a little with some old skates and
                               I love the old doorknob on the old door from my daughter's old home.
                        We had a good snowfall last week making it look so pretty. I love the garden
                         in winter laden with a fresh white snow.
                                      Some handmade vintage snowflakes

        Thank you for visiting,



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