happy kids

: : I found this fantastic Brittish website all about kids interiors, called childhood interiors. just simple, bold and happy! and all their photos are so happy too! my favorites are the letter pillows, so that you can spell out your own name with the pillows on top of your bed.

: : some of you in the design world might have already seen the boon frog. boon inc is a company that creates "innovations for modern parents". and they're good innovations, the frog being the best example. but also the flo, which I would even like on my bathtub faucet, if only I could fit under the faucet.

: : swigg is another fantastic, happy and colorful company. you'll be hearing about them again from me, for sure. I thought their critter collection would be appropriate in this kids section. they're for everyone, not just kids, but they are made of a vinyl material, are animal-friendly and easy to clean.

[swigg has a great website, simple, straight forward, asymmetrical and colorful. enjoy your visit]

: : and who doesn't love these little fellows? two happy blond little ones. uggabugga is a Swedish kids apparel company, run by a mom and her friends it seems like. great kids clothes with refreshing patterns and motifs. [bus [the sign on his shirt] means doing something you're not supposed to be doing ].


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