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: : today I went on a shopping trip with lovely bride to be .tina. [she asked me to help her find the perfect everyday dishes. see entry below] we went to check out two local [boston] stores that offer a good selection of dishes, bliss home and lekker home .

lekker offers a great selection of German and Dutch brands, .tina. was especially interested in many of the Kahla dishes. They also have several Arzberg dishes. lekker is a wonderful store, one of my favorite design stores in Boston. Perfect for gift ideas! .natalie. at lekker was very helpful and gave us a lot of information about the brands and the products. Thank you .natalie.!

bliss has a wonderful collection of Scandinavian products. Several of the iittala products mentioned below, teema and origo were available in their store. as well as the Swedish brand Höganäs [see below].

this will be the last post for the everyday dishes. I hope for .pete. and .tina. ,that this has given them inspirational ideas, and maybe you even found the right set for you.


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