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: : these are another set of lampshades that I found very inspirational, by Dutch design company muurbloem. they have wonderful very graphical and colorful products. worth a visit! ::

: : my IKEA visit made me think about lampshades and I remembered seeing these beautiful ceiling lamps at lekker when I last visited. I've seen them in several home magazines as well, I just think they are so cool. they are part of the .delight collection. by Dutch designer .nicolette Brunklaus.
so, I thought to myself....maybe I should try and make my own lampshades? find a fabric that I love, buy a plain white shade at IKEA and put the two together. we'll see, I'll show you the results if it happens.

: I went to IKEA last night with some friends. we rented an IKEA zipcar and drove out there. it was a fun adventure. but it happened again....I'm sure this happens to go, with a list in your hand of exactly what you need and nothing more...but you come out with a whole lot of things that was NOT on your list, and a receipt in your hand with much bigger numbers than you had planned for.

a lamp was not on my list. I have 6 lamps in my room already...I don't need more. well, I walked around the corner in the lighting section and saw these lamp shades...and fell in love. especially with the third one from the left. it would be perfect in my room! turns out they had sold out of the larger lampshade. and they're only in stores for the summer. I ended up buying a floor lamp stand and a white lamp shade...thinking, if I end up going back to IKEA and they have these in, I can get one and just change out the white one. I hope they'll have them next time I go : :


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