A Lovely Gift!

Hello everyone,

First,I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who follow my blog and leave such lovely comments. I am so amazed to have hit the 500 follower mark today. I never realized how many kind and sweet people I would meet from all over the world.

One of the lovely friends I have enjoyed making is a Dutch friend, Madelief. If you go and visit her lovely blog you can see by reading her profile that we have a lot in common and since my Mom is from Holland I love to see the photos she shares of her beautiful country,her home and garden.Madelief has a good eye for photography too.

Madelief sent me a lovely gift a few weeks ago that I was very excited to receive-not one but two issues of the coveted Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine! So I have been so enjoying this gift and wanted to share some photos from it and also how I have been influenced by them.

So ,I gathered together some 'props'

I love this old postcard photo that I have had for a long time but I have no idea who they were.

I did buy this cross at the thrift shop for this post. Do you do that too-pick up little things because they are perfect for a blog post???

I think I have my post in backwards but it that kind of a day! So finally the magazines.

These magazines are Danish with a French influence and we can't buy them here in Canada-some customs issue I think.

I love the simplicity of the homes.

They have beautiful vignettes!

They are a bloggers delite-so many ideas.

So, you see I have been influenced! Thank you so much Madelief for this lovely gift and the gift of your friendship too! Please drop in and say hello to Madelief, you will enjoy meeting her too.

Thank you for visiting me,



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