Dish Love!

Hello everyone,
Some of you might remember that I promised to share pictures of my collection of teapots so I spent some time this weekend gathering them up and taking some photos to share with you. So,this week I will be sharing my dish love with you.
Since it is Mosaic Monday I made a couple of mosaics with some of the photos.
I love roses with china and pearls!
Isn't this a pretty set-my husband bought it for me when we went on a little day trip up west as we say here on the Island. There is a pretty little shop in Alberton that we bought this from-I think it was called Primrose Lane.
How sweet that the rose matched it perfectly!
This little broach is my souvenir from a trip to Florida many years ago. It happens to match my color scheme too.
First, I was going to put all my teapots in one big mosaic but then I would have nothing to post the rest of the week !!! I took lots of photos so if you have a dish love please pop back in.
There are lots of pretty mosaics every Monday at Little Red House. Thank you Mary for hosting.
Thank you for visiting me,


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