Mosaic Monday

Hello and welcome to my Mosaic Monday.The above mosaic is some of my grandchildren enjoying some winter fun.

Some Island winter scenes.

Little Lila turned one year old on Friday-she wasn't feeling the best so I am hoping to get more photos when she is well again. It is hard to believe a year has gone by already -She makes me smile just looking at her!

I found this cute little Ralph Lauren smocked dress at a thrift shop and I couldn't wait to see it on Jessie,our 41/2 year old granddaughter. She came for a visit today and we set up for a little tea party. She is a good little model so I captured lots of pictures of her.

Well, we missed another snowstorm this weekend but I see where lots of you got a freshly painted winter wonderland. Speaking of painting our living room is getting a makeover so I will share pictures later when it is done.

There is lots to see at Mary's beautiful Little Red House so enjoy all the lovely mosaics.

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