Garden Beauties!

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How could June have gone by so fast? I hope all you fellow Canadians enjoyed celebrating Canada Day. Anyway, as it is Show and Tell Friday, I am sharing some photos of some beautiful flowers that are blooming in our garden now.

The Terese Bugnet rose above is still blooming.

This is a Hansa rose-it is hardy and grows about 6 ft. tall.

Clustered bellflower- pretty in the garden and lasts a long time in a bouquet too.

This is Patti's Plum-an oriental poppy.

I love the color of this poppy but I can't remember the name of it.

This is such a huge bomb style peony-Sarah Bernhardt. I love it!

This is a new peony last year in our garden called Hawaiian Pink Coral.

David Austen's Mary Rose.

Macro photo- Walker's Low Nepeta.

Clematis -Josephine

Macro shot of Dianthus-love the fragrance.

Bell flower

Prairie Princess rose- hardy and pretty!

I love this peony-I think it is the Duchess of Nemours.

Some Clematis are starting to bloom-this is Dr Ruppel.

There is lots more blooming but I can't keep you all day when there is so much to enjoy at My Romantic Home where there are many more participants in Show And Tell Friday.

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