Island Scenes

Today I thought you might enjoy a little tour of the Island(Prince Edward Island) .The peaceful photo above was taken at Knox Dam a beautiful place on the Eastern end of our little Isle.
This is Knox B&B right beside the dam. I love the house too and think it would be a beautiful place to stay.
This photo was taken last year at West River.
My husband and I went touring a couple of weeks ago and I took this shot in French River-a beautiful little fishing village.
Of course living on an Island we have lots of beautiful beaches-this one is on the north shore.
The south shore has beautiful beaches also and when the tide goes out it is lovely for walking or playing in the sand. the water tends to be warmer on the south shore but on low tide you may not be able to swim.
This photo was taken in Clinton. I wanted to show the hills and valley's.
I fell in love with this farm on Malpeque Bay. Isn't it beautiful?
This is the restored mill in Hunter River.
And of course ,being an Island there are lots of lovely lighthouses.This one is in Fort Amherst.
The rolling hills of New Glasglow.
I couldn't do a tour of the Island and not show Anne of Green Gables-I hope you have all read Lucy Maud Montgomery's book that made our little Island famous.
Time to go fishing on the Lake of Shining Waters.
This shot was taken in Northport up west.
This beautiful church is in the western part of the Island -the other side of Malpeque Bay.
Now with the sun setting it is time to say good bye. I hope you enjoyed taking a little tour with me around some of my favorite places on the Island.Someday soon,we will have to do this again!
This is the only photo I could find that remotely says Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian friends.(taken last year in our garden).
My sister is coming home from Vancouver for a couple of weeks so I may be more sporadic with my blogging while she is here.
Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth of July to my American friends.
Have a safe and happy weekend,


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