Hello everyone,

I am just popping in to share a few of my favorite photos that I took in the garden yesterday. the above photo is the Beauty of Moscow lilac-it is a beauty isn't it? I think if I could only choose one lilac this would be it!

The columbines are blooming now-they are re-seeders so they pop up in new spots each year.

The snow in summer is a spreader as well but pretty.

You can see why columbines are also called granny's bonnet.

Changing the subject, I thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos of our casual lunch for friends and their guests from Japan. This is Kathleen a sweet 14 year old from our church that was looking for small jobs to raise money to go to Vacation Bible school as a leader. I snapped her up quick as I thought it would be fun to have her help in the kitchen for a few hours.Here, you see her filling the dessert glasses.

I made some delicious bread called Golden Party loaves from the Pillsbury Bake Off book. I forgot to take a photo of the finished product as it was hot out of the oven as they arrived and it went quickly.

We set up the table on the veranda.

I also made one of Andrew's favorite desserts-rhubarb cobbler.

Our long time friend David on left and Andrew on right.

The other dessert I made was Lemon Fool-I really liked it and will definitely make it again.

Kathleen stirring the soup-I made cream of cauliflower soup the night before.

My friend Makiko and her lovely guests , a mother and her three daughters.

Have a dessert before you go and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Take care,



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