Delicate Beauty!

Hello everyone,
We are enjoying some lovely summer weather now and our little Island has been bursting with excitement the last few days with music concerts and the Kelly and Regis show being taped from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I hope some of you have been watching them the last couple of days - there are still a couple of more shows to air yet. We are pretty happy that P.E.I. was the second most popular hit on google yesterday and are hoping you all want to come and visit us soon!
Anyway, today I wanted to share a few of our roses with you. The photo of the one above is Heritage a David Austen rose. I love it's delicate beauty.
The top rose is City of York but the bottom was unnamed.
Graham Thomas is the beautiful yellow rose.
Heritage, Graham Thomas and The Dark Lady(lovely strong fragrance) all David Austen roses
I am so happy to have little bouquets of roses to enjoy now that the lilacs and peonies are past. I have lots more photos of garden roses to share another day.
Hope everything is coming up roses for you too!
Take care,


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