Mid Summer Night's Dream

Hello everyone,
We are having a lovely summer here on the Island but it is hard to believe summer is half gone already. So to celebrate our warm summer nights I have created a little spot for you to relax and enjoy a mid summer nights dream!
The iron bed from the veranda has been moved into the garden terrace just for you!
It is only afternoon yet but what a nice place to relax with your favorite book or magazine and a cup of tea.
There is some quiet background music playing and a gentle Island breeze.
I gathered up some pretty linens.
As evening is approaching I lit the candles for you.
It is getting dark but the moon is rising and the fairy lights are on.
You even have a candle chandelier.
Well, look at that it is morning already and another beautiful sunny day. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful mid summer night's dream.
Thank you to all who have visited me and left such lovely comments-I am sorry I have not got back to all of you(not only is summer too short but our days too!). Also, thank you to all of you who have become followers as well-I really appreciate your visits.
I would like to mention again that we are hosting a tour of our garden for any of you who can make it. The tour is this Saturday from 2-4 . All the money raised goes to Muscular Dystrophy Association of P.E.I. and tickets can be bought at the gate. If anyone is interested and needs more info you can email me.
Thank you for visiting,
Enjoy your day,


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