Loved Ones!

Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend. We had heavy rain all weekend but as a gardener I enjoy some rainy days as well as the sunny days. Today,I wanted to share some photos that I took a few weeks ago of our daughter Emily and her two little ones.

Emily and Lila.

Emily and Noah.

It's tea time again.

Sweet and innocent!

Lila is so gentle and quiet in her ways.

This tea is so good!

Enough about Lila - it's my turn now!

Doesn't this just break your heart?

Okay! Noah give it back to your little sister. Can't you just tell this little man is FULL of mischief? Noah is such a comical little guy and so full of energy.

Enough of this tea party stuff!

Let's play trucks instead!


Friends forever!!!

Thank you for letting me share these photos of some of our loved ones.

Take care,



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