A Summer Day Tea Time

Hello everyone,
    We are having a perfectly beautiful sunny summer day today so I want to make the most of it but I wanted to share a cup of tea with you first.
   I choose this spot on the veranda because the Miss Kim lilac is blooming right by the screened porch and it has a beautiful fragrance for us to enjoy as we chat over tea.
I made some peanut butter cookies to go with our peppermint tea.

I love the daintiness of these teacups that I bought at a yardsale several years ago.

My midseason peonies are starting to bloom-soon there will be hundreds of peony blooms in the garden. The midseason lilacs are also blooming and the early roses so I wish you could enjoy the fragrance of three of my favorite flowers.
The teapot was a find at Coulson's and the perfect match for the teacups.
These lilacs were bred in Canada and they have a lovely but different fragrance from the French lilacs.I have several different ones that are in bloom now.There fragrance carries through out much of the garden.
Behind the Canadian lilac is the Korean standard Miss Kim. She is covered in blooms right now.
I hope all you tea drinkers are also garden lovers or else I have bored you to tears!

I am joining Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for TeaTime Tuesday today. I know you will enjoy visiting all the other tea time participants there today.

Thank you for visiting me and now I am off to enjoy doing some garden chores.

Take care,


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