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Hello everyone,
     I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had a family Father's Day brunch at our house and it was lovely but too cool and damp to eat on the veranda where we would normally enjoy our meals this time of year.This is definitely the coolest and wettest spring I can remember. Yesterday,parts of the Island had hail so I am happy the garden escaped that.
 Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of summer and the prediction is a hot dry summer for us so at this point I say 'bring it on' !
  However, the garden is doing well and the blooms are lasting so much longer this year then last.

  So,I have some collages to show you a little of what is going on in the garden now.

The above clematis is Guernsey Cream and I love the creamy color when it first blooms-later they fade to white.

The yellow bird magnolia is a young tree but it had several pretty yellow blooms this year that are still blooming.The snowball Viburnum is in bloom now and the bearded iris also.
The primrose lilac and a white Japanese tree peony.
The lupins are in bloom and there are many areas on the Island where they are very abundant in the ditches along the road making a pretty site. I like to have a few in the garden to bloom with the early peonies and the allium etc.(not shown). Dames Rocket is also in bloom and it too grows wild in ditches etc. I especially love when they are blooming together in the ditches. The Dames Rocket is fragrant and pretty but it is a spreader in the garden so I pull it out when it is done blooming but there are always seedlings for next year.
The peony above was from my Dad's garden and he gave me a piece of it many years ago. Over the years I have divided it many times and have moved it around the garden and shared some, with friends.
  I love the allium(purple balls) as they bloom a long time and even look good when they go to seed. They will also re-seed freely around the garden in a nice way.
The french lilacs are still blooming and the Canadian ones are almost in bloom now. After they are done the Japanese Ivory Silk ones bloom. They all have a lovely fragrance but different.

Well, that is a little of what is going on right now in the garden,but I see lots of buds on the early roses so in a week they garden will have a whole new look-that's what makes gardening so interesting, isn't it?

Have a lovely day!



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