Random Beauty

Hello everyone,
    I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am not even going to mention that it was cold and damp here most of the weekend or that the sun has not peeked out yet today either. I had a few lovely visitors to the garden on Saturday and got some pruning tips etc. from a master gardener-pruning is not one of my strong suits.
  Today,I did not have a theme to share but I hope you will enjoy some collages I made.The appleblossoms are beautiful this year.

pretty pinks
Some of the older homes in Charlottetown. The trees were just coming out last week when I took these shots-everything is so fresh and green now.
Some blues in our garden.
We took a drive around the countryside to enjoy the beauty of the Island as the crops are going in and it is such a pretty time of year. Did I mention that I love June? I do hope we get the promised sunshine this afternoon. My lilacs are starting to bloom so I will have to show them to you soon!

I hope you have a lovely day,



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