A Stroll Through Town

Hello Everyone,
      I can't believe that July is over already and summer is half gone. We have had a lot of cooler damp days, so unless August,  and early September is  hot, it has been a short summer. However, as a gardener I won't complain because everything has done so well and the blooms have lasted longer too. I haven't had to water even the windowboxes and planters much this year. So, like they say behind every cloud there is a silver lining!
  Anyway, today I thought you might enjoy a stroll through town-Charlottetown that is which is our Capital city here on Prince Edward Island-it boasts a population of 33,000 Not big by most standards but that is part of the charm.
  Any of these photos are in walking distance of each other and make for a pleasant stroll. Every year we have thousands of visitors that come to the Charlottetown Harbor by cruiseship so this is some of the sights they could walk by and a lot more that I haven't shared yet.
You can sit for awhile and enjoy the sights and the sounds of the evening. when I was here there was a small band playing just below by the restaurants that are in the above photo.

We have lots of beautiful churches and many are open for tours.
Look up!
Great George Street
Beautiful Architecture.
You can tour the gardens at Fanningbank at any time-aren't they beautiful?
You might enjoy watching the sailboats go by in the harbor.
Linda! -is that you walking down the street -not yet but soon. Have I mentioned that my blogging friend Linda(Beautiful Ideas blog) from NFLD is coming to visit our fair Isle this week and she is coming to visit me! I am really looking forward to it.
There are lots of beautiful homes to see!
Some summer shops down at the harbor for you o snoop around in.
A lovely park down by the harbor. There is a nice boardwalk around the waterfront that many Islanders enjoy as well as visitors.

The beautiful old stone church where my husband and I got married.
And now that the sun is starting to set at the end of the boardwalk our little stroll is coming to an end.

Thank you for coming along!



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