Afternoon Tea in the Garden

Hello Everyone,
       I am enjoying the lovely days of summer here on the Island, and I hope you are having a good summer too. The garden is doing well so we want to enjoy every minute we can outdoors.
So,we will have tea in the garden again today. This garden'room' is called our Chelsea Garden, simply because I found a sign at Winner's for the garden gate entrance that said Chelsea Garden. Sorry,I should have taken a picture from that side of the garden-oh,well next time.
We are using the chintz tea set again today with a quilt on the table for our tablecloth.
I picked the last of the foxgloves for our bouquet today.
A cement angel is watching over the garden from an old ladder.
I found these old milk bottles at a Saturday flea market in Summerside several weeks ago. They have been sitting on my doorstep all summer . Do you remember the days when milk was actually delivered to the door in these lovely glass bottles,-that could be washed and reused.
I love this French  style watering can from Walmart.

Some pillows for our chairs.

Jackmanni clematis growing in Chelsea-we have several of these throughout the garden.I love clematis!
Yesterday was a perfect summer day and we took the afternoon off -it was hard to decide whether to enjoy a good book on the old iron bed on the veranda overlooking the garden with the song of the birds or head to one of the Islands many beautiful beaches. In the end,we headed for the beach.Ah! summertime-I love it!!!

We are in the process of having a good sized pond built in our field -east of our house. It is a duck pond but I have these visions of a little deck out over the water with a couple of adirondack chairs, and an old pontoon boat, maybe a little gazebo. In the winter I can see our grandchildren skating on it-hear their laughter! I am a  dreamer-I remember when I was a young mother just starting our family-I imagined the sound of laughter as several children folicked around the garden, while I peacefully nursed the baby on a rocking chair on the porch. Never once did I seem to think of squabbles, piles of laundry, seven babies later -and I would do it all again, only next time I would be the PERFECT mother!!! There I go dreaming again.

I am joining Sandi for TeaTime Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage.Sandi and I used to play with dolls together many long years ago. How time flies!

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