Tea Time

Hello everyone,
       I am happy you stopped by today for tea as I made some cupcakes and I need a little help eating them!

Let's have a cup of tea and a sandwich or two first.
I am not a fancy cake decorator like some of you so a little viola is as good as it gets around here!

I thought we could sit out under the mock oranges today and enjoy their sweet fragrance and beauty.

Mock orange

Hope you enjoyed our tea and cupcakes under the mock oranges today.

I am joining Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage today for Tea Time Tuesday.

We had a strange day weather wise today as it started out sunny then a thunder shower followed by sunshine and finally a little more thunder before cooling off for the evening. I took lots of garden photos early and then lots more after the rain to capture the beauty of the raindrops! I will share those with you later and the roses are blooming now so I took some pretty pics of those too.
Thank you for visiting,



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