A Frosty Morn

Hello everyone,
     Although we have had many beautiful warm sunny days this month ,we have had a white frost a couple of nights.So,early in the morning I went out with my camera to take a few shots of the garden etc. The photo above is from the dock my husband built over our new pond. I like how there is a mist rising from the water.Because the pond is new the water is still brown so it will be next year before it clears up-so I like it in sepia tones better this year.
I like the sunlight shining through the trees with the mist coming off the water in the background.

The roses look so pretty with a touch of frost and a light frost doesn't hurt them-they will still keep blooming until we get a hard frost.

The limelight hydrangea is turning pink.
This double peach daylily is still blooming.

Well, that was my first frosty morn of the season. Last night we had a warm rain but today the sun is shining and it is going up to 22 degrees Celsius.We are really enjoying all the sunshine as we did have a lot of rain in the summer.

Today I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday again.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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