Country Days

Hello again,
     This time of the year I love to go for a long walk on the woodland trail that used to be the old railway track and pick wild blackberries as the canes  are laden with an abundance of juicy ripe fruit. It is so pleasant to be out early on a sunny morning picking little buckets full to take home and make into muffins,smoothies or blackberry shortcakes.
I stopped to pick a sweet little bouquet along the walk because we all know I don't have enough flowers in my own garden! he!he!
I don't go far without my sun hat.

This treasured old cookbook belonged to my husband's grandmother who was an excellent cook.

Thank you, Linda for the lovely vintage tin pitcher in the background.I love it and it will probably keep showing up in photos.

I hope you get to spend some time in the country on these beautiful late summer days.

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