Special Ladies for Tea and a Tour

Hello everyone,
     Today was another beautiful day and I had some very special ladies for tea and a tour of the garden.
So, I quickly made some cranberry scones and set a table for tea in the terrace.
A bit of a pink theme today.

an old vintage tablecloth and some pretty teacups.
Some comfy chairs with pillows.
I did some tidying up in the garden-mainly deadheading.

Hoping it will still look pretty for them as by September it is past it's prime you know!
I picked some flowers for a bouquet for our table.
Dahlias,petunias and hydrangeas.

And here they come now the nicest ladies you could meet.-Mary (left) 94 years.Myrna, Erna 93 and Edith 95 years old.Myrna is Erna's niece and she was the driver today but a couple of these oldest ladies still drive a car.Erna has been my neighbor for many years and I admire her greatly. She is a wonderful gardener and has made many beautiful quilts and would always be the first to help a neighbor in any way she could.When I made my first quilt she drove down to help me put it in the quilt frame on a cold and blustery night when she was about eighty years old.What a great role model she is. Now, the other ladies are lovely of course too but I don't know them as well as they don't live in our community.
They joked about getting married in the garden if they could find a suitable fellow!
We enjoyed tea and a visit.
We toured the garden cottage and they thought it would be lovely for a honeymoon-IF they could find the right fellow! Oh, they made me chuckle with their wit and spunk.

So, that was my fun for the day and I hope your day was good too!

Tomorrow night we are having our grandchildren and their parents up for a family camping night. We are planning a bonfire,boat rides(rubber dories) in our new duck pond(still duck less but it is only a few weeks since it was made).Some of you commented on it from my last post -it was made by Ducks Unlimited in our field and we are happily planting some new trees around it. Now back to our plans- an old fashion game of hide and seek when it is almost dark should be fun. I think it will be a fun night for everyone! I also have a request for some peach cream pie and breakfast on the porch -hm! what should I make? The weather is supposed to be lovely but the evenings are getting cooler so the season will  be grinding to a halt soon so I want to enjoy it while we can. I do love all  the seasons but summer is sometimes a little hard to let go off, for me anyway and it always goes by so quickly.Before we know it we will be talking about Christmas!

I am joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

Thank you for visiting me today.



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