A Vintage Door For My Garden

After the rain....

I took a walk through our yard.

The bleeding hearts are in bloom under the deck among the lilies.

Our wisteria vine is blooming like crazy. This vine is 6 years old and has given us very few blooms in all that time. Last fall my husband cut it down to almost nothing - I thought it would never grow back. What a wonder that trim did for this beautiful vine.
(wisteria is a favorite of mine - I have planted one at every home I have lived in)

Last year it was lush and green but no blooms.

I also have an old vintage door among my foundation plantings.

I tilted the door up against the chimney brick.

Several years ago I planted this dogwood tree...

in an old garbage can...

I dug out a huge whole in the garden soil, busted out the bottom of the rusty garbage can and placed it in the hole.  I filled the can with peat moss and good soil for the new baby tree.

The tree has grown wonderfully well and I like the galvanized pot in my garden.
(now I just need to get rid of those nasty weeds)

I use reclaimed items inside my home and out!

The longer I leave this vintage door outside to weather -
 the more perfect it will become for an indoor accent.

What a beautiful morning walk through my yard.

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