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   As most of you know I love gardening and anything to do with gardens.So,one of the additions to gardens that I love is statues so over the years we have collected a few to place in our garden. The statue above is placed in our enclosed garden with a mirror behind her. The mirror is in a shady spot so that the sun does not reflect off it which can be a fire hazzard.There are vines that grow around it and ostrich ferns on the side of it
Now you might notice that our statues get moved around from year to year so this is the original statue called Martha's that really belongs in here.She is a locally made cement statue from J&S in Albany.
Another locally made statue from J&S 

Love that face!
As you can see they do get moved  to different settings.

This statue is a lighter resin one from Wal Mart-easier to move but not as durable.

This  angel statue was a Mother's Day gift to me last year from my children. 

This is one of my favorite setting in the garden last year-I am looking forward to it's rebirth.

I think a well placed statue adds so much charm to a garden-don't you?

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